Features of FarCry Core

FarCry Core contains a set of core components that take care of a lot of the programming work that goes into building web applications and other database-driven websites, so you don't have to. Those things that must be done for nearly every web site are built-in so you can ignore them and focus on what makes each site unique.

Role Based Security

An in-built authentication and authorization (users, groups, and permissions) service, the ability to secure individual views, and options to secure branches of content to specific groups of users. You can even build your own user directory components that open up the security model to just about any external service. The community already supports LDAP and other external directories.

Database Connectivity: Object Relational Mapper

FarCry can be used to manage access to the database and the evolution of the underlying schema itself with little or no programming. There are several supported databases, including My SQL, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. No SQL is needed.

Administrative Webtop

The framework provides generic views for adding/deleting/modifying content items in the database - you can get away with not doing a lot if you're inclined. The webtop is secured and completely configurable, providing the perfect interface for administrative menus and maintenance screens for all aspects of your application.

Friendly URL Configuration

Leveraging popular web servers like Apache and IIS, FarCry generates simple, clean, user friendly URLs automatically. This automation can be changed to reflect your requirements or overridden completely as needed by users of your application.

Web Feeds

The framework can be configured to generate RSS, ATOM and iTunes feeds for syndication of just about any content type in the system. Feeds can be categorised and filtered to provide more select feeds for users.

Content Management

The framework ships with a variety of standard content types or classes that can be used for "flat pages" or simple HTML content stored in the database and passed into a template for display.

Caching & Performance

The framework automatically caches calls to the database to improve performance. Better still, the result of any view can be cached in memory allowing you to generate complex, composite pages and then retrieve them instantly from memory. FarCry even understands the way the cache has been constructed so that embedded views that change will flush and re-generate their parent pages automatically.

Content Hierarchies

The Nested Tree Model service allows for the construction and management of hierarchical content like a web sites IA, or an applications menu hierarchy. Out-of-the-box FarCry uses this to manage the site structure and category taxonomies.

Formtools Engine

Formtools are components that represent the behaviour of individual properties when being displayed or rendered in a form. A property might be as simple as a text input field or a complex library picker. The framework ships with a huge dictionary of choices, and you can build and distribute your own components. Difficult to put in a little sound-bite but form tools lets you build very rich user interfaces very quickly.

Plugin Architecture

Every aspect of a project can be repackaged and used in another project as a plugin. This might be the entire project or just a small part of it. Most applications are combinations of several plugins. Community plugins include solutions for Google Maps, blogging, content management, free text search engines and many, many more.

Open source, GPL dual-licensed

FarCry Core is open source. We use GitHub and Atlassian JIRA to manage our code base.

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Commercial licensing and professional support

Daemon provides bespoke application development services, instructor led training courses & mentoring, and commercial FarCry Core licenses.

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