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FarCry Core is open source and free to use under the terms of the GPL, and it's also commerically and professionally supported. Daemon offers consulting, training and development services, on-site or online.

What is the FarCry licensing model?

The FarCry Platform is release under a dual-license model: GNU GPL License v3 (GPL) and Commercial. Many of the plugins used in conjunction with FarCry are released under Limited GPL (LGPL), dual-license LGPL/Commercial and a few just Commercial.

The GNU General Public License (GPL) and Limited GPL are the most widely used free and open source software (FOSS) licenses in the world. The GPL was created and sponsored by the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

Why would I want to consider a Commercial license?

First of all you may never need a Commercial license. This is certainly true if you are happy to abide by the rules of the GPL open source license. In this instance you would be free to use and develop with FarCry to your heart's content.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about the implications of GPL and the prospect of having to publish your source then you need to purchase a Commercial license.

A commercial license is just the same as most other closed source software; the license gives you the right to use the software under certain terms. These terms would typically involve a right to use the software, on X number of CPUs (or some other criteria) to build your application. We're talking about a standard End User License Agreement (EULA). Licenses can be purchased from Daemon Internet Consultants.

Why are earlier versions of FarCry released under CPL?

When we originally open sourced FarCry way back in April 2003 we chose the Common Public License 1.0 (CPL). The CPL has served us well over the last 5 years, however, it contains some restrictions that make the license incompatible with other open source licenses such as GPL, and does not enforce a principle of "Quid Pro Quo".

We'd also like to offer companies the opportunity of a commercial license, to free those who need it from the obligations of open source licenses. And also give companies an opportunity to give something back to the community, without the need to contribute code.

The older FarCry 4.0 code base and maintenance branch will continue to be maintained under the CPL license for the foreseeable future.

Are you a lawyer? Is this good advice?

Please be aware we are *not* lawyers and nothing we say here should be seen to constitute any form of legal advice. If you think you need legal advice, please get it from some qualified to give it ;)

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FarCry Core is open source. We use GitHub and Atlassian JIRA to manage our code base.

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