Help and Support

You can get help and support for FarCry Core via a number of different channels. Since FarCry Core is open source under the GPL license the code, bug tracking and documentation is publicly available and welcome to contributors. The support forums provide free community support and Daemon also provides commercial support services.



FarCry contains a large number of powerful features, including everything you expect from a modern web application framework. Building applications, templates, plugins, securityand more are all explained in our documentation. If you want to know how to do something in FarCry, this is your first stop!

Detailed tag and component documentation is also available for developers. If you have time you might try the FarCry Developer Jump Start course, our instructor led courseware for development teams.

Support Forums

FarCry developers and users help each other out in the FarCry Core Forums. If you are having a problem and can't find an answer in our documentation or elsewhere, the FarCry forums are the fastest place to get help. While the forum is mainly filled with knowledgeable users and FarCry fans, plenty of FarCry Core developers also monitor the forum.

FarCry community has a StackOverflow like Q&A forum called FarCry Questions. This is a great place to get more detailed answers from FarCry experts.

Reporting Bugs

If you'd like to report an error, bug or feature enhancement in FarCry framework, please see our bug database. If you're not sure if your question is a bug or a support request, please visit the online forum first.

Bugs or issues with specific farcry plugins should be reported against the specific plugins issue database on GitHub.



One of the best ways to help FarCry is to write code. Our developer information contains everything you need to build FarCry, contribute pull requests, and even what bugs might be good starting points.

The FarCry Core framework and all officially supported plugins are available on GitHub. Fork away!

Improving Quality

As new features and bug fixes make their way into development builds, FarCry's quality assurance team tests them to find any new issues. Finding bugs, reporting them, and triaging them within FarCry's bug tracker is another great example of how to contribute to the FarCry framework.


The FarCry Community now accepts donations! By donating to Daemon, the creators of FarCry, your donation will go to support further development of FarCry.

Promoting FarCry

FarCry doesn't really have a marketing budget. You can help FarCry by promoting it on your blog, website, or anywhere else you can imagine. Check out our Promotion page for more information on how you can help promote FarCry to your friends and colleagues.

Localizing FarCry

One of the best parts of FarCry is its availability in a high number of languages. All of our localizations are created by volunteers and managed through the FarCry Localization Project. If you're bilingual, you can help contribute a localization to the next release of FarCry. Visit the FarCry Localization Project to find out more.

Open source, GPL dual-licensed

FarCry Core is open source. We use GitHub and Atlassian JIRA to manage our code base.

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Commercial licensing and professional support

Daemon provides bespoke application development services, instructor led training courses & mentoring, and commercial FarCry Core licenses.

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